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Microwave Oven Reviews and Buying Guide

Start Here BEFORE Reading The Microwave Oven Reviews

Consumer reviews are a valuable resource when making any purchase, and a microwave oven is no exception. Microwave oven reviews written by real people can offer information that you can't find anywhere else. People who have actually used a product can tell you honestly what the pros and cons are and help you find the best microwave oven for you. However, reading microwave oven reviews should not be the starting point of your decision process unless you plan on dedicating a great deal of unnecessary time to your quest. It's better to spend a few minutes now thinking about what you're looking for in a microwave oven.

There is a lot to consider when deciding which microwave oven is best for you. Type, size, features and price are all important. We suggest you first use these criteria to narrow your search. Don't waste your time reading countless microwave oven reviews for models that won't meet your needs.

When you are ready, the microwave ovens are categorized to the right by both price and type. Click on the type or price range that best suits your needs for detailed information and reviews. There is also a section below that where they are categorized by brand. Use this if you've already narrowed your search down to a specific maker.


There are three major types of microwave ovens: countertop, over-the-range, or built-in.

Countertop– The most commonly purchased type of microwave oven. Countertop units tend to be the least expensive option and they don't require any installation; just plug in and use! They offer flexibility because they are so easy to move or replace. However, a countertop appliance can take up quite a bit of valuable counter space.

Over-the-range– This type of microwave oven doubles as a vent fan for your range. This definitely makes them a space saver; you get two appliances in the space of one! However, these microwave ovens do not perform as well in the venting department as a full-sized exhaust vent that covers the entire range.

Built-in– This type of microwave oven is generally only an option when building a new kitchen or remodeling an existing one. This can be a great option since it keeps the countertop clear and gives the kitchen a more finished and professional look. It also allows you to keep a heavy-duty exhaust fan above the range. A word of caution: Choose any built-in appliances wisely. It will be difficult to swap it out if you decide you are looking for something else.



Size tends to be the determining factor for most people when purchasing a microwave oven. It won't matter how powerful or reliable a microwave oven is if it's too big to fit in your kitchen or too small to handle your workload. Think carefully about what your size needs will be. Measure the space where you intend to use it and make sure it's a good fit. Think about what you will want to prepare in your microwave oven and see if the model you are considering has ample interior space. Measure your favorite cooking dishes and make sure they will be able to fit.



This is definitely an area where consumer microwave oven reviews are crucial. This is the best way to get unbiased information. Another way to gauge the reliability of a specific microwave oven is through the reputation of the maker. A good warranty can also give you piece of mind. Many manufacturers do require you to pay shipping costs when having your microwave oven serviced, even if it is still under warranty. You may want to consider buying from a brand that has an in-state service center for this reason. This will cut down considerably on shipping costs, which can be quite hefty when the microwave oven service center is on the other end of the country.

We have listed the approximate weights for each microwave oven; you will find this information next to the size information when available. We do this because we have noticed that the heavier a microwave oven is, the more solid and well-constructed it tends to be. Plastic doesn't weigh much. Cheaply constructed microwave ovens will have many plastic parts and will weigh less; these units tend to be less reliable in the long run. You should still ultimately check out the microwave oven reviews to determine the overall reliability of a specific model; the weight is just there to give you a basic idea at a glance of how well-built a model is.


Features To Look For

There is one feature every microwave oven should have: a turntable. Without the ability to move the food while in use, uneven heating will result. Inverter technology greatly improves a microwave ovens ability to cook evenly; but at the very least, make sure you have a turntable.

Another useful option is a control pad with shortcut keys. These make it easier to quickly and properly prepare your food.

A cooking sensor allows the microwave oven to adjust cooking times based on real times stats it collects on heat and humidity. This prevents cooking mistakes and results in less wasted food!


Read the Microwave Oven Reviews

Now you should have a better idea of what to look for to get the best microwave oven for you. To the right you will find microwave ovens categorized by size, type and brand. There you will find detailed information on specific models as well as consumer microwave oven reviews. Keep in mind that some of the reviews are written by inexperienced cooks who haven't worked much with microwave ovens. If 9 out of 10 people are overjoyed with the performance of a microwave oven keep that in perspective when the 10th person says it's junk. Some "problems" may just be a lack of understanding when it comes to microwave oven usage and expectations.

We also provide an overview of the reviews to prevent you from wasting your time reading hundreds of reviews for a microwave oven that isn't well suited to your needs.

Most of the top microwave ovens are available in several finishes. The picture might show something other than the finish you are looking for, such as stainless steel or brushed nickel, even though it is offered. Just click on the picture to find out what options are available.

Looking for ways to break in your new microwave oven?

Start with our free recipes. Hungry for more? Move on to the "Cookbooks" section. It has books filled with recipes that will help you get the most out of your microwave oven. Now that you've picked out the best microwave oven you'll want the best cookbook to go with it. You'll find helpful consumer reviews available for those too!




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